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CarraFix is a donateware (you *can* donate if you think this program worth it) created to fix network congestions, often caused by your servers or some P2P programs.
CarraFix brings features called "bandwidth throttling", "traffic shaping" and "Quality Of Service" to Mac OS X. These features are efficient ways to improve your connection throughput in both download and upload.

CarraFix was written to improve the poor Internet browsing experience and slow download speeds caused by servers softwares on your machine or your network. And to accuratly control your uploads and downloads streams.

Version 2.0 allow to manage bandwidth per IP or per flow !
Version 2.1 brings even more features like displaying upload rate to each user and set a default priority for each login (Carracho/HL).

I'm sure a lot of Carracho/Hotline/mlDonkey... server admins know how having a server can sometimes be painful : surfing the web or accessing your mail server is just painfully slow, and the only way to fix this slowness is to shut down the server !

Carrafix is a powerful program which helps Carracho/Hotline/eDonkey, and other P2P program clients and servers to finally get decent download speed and their admin to achieve good experience (improved responsiveness !) when browsing the web :-)

CarraFix allows servers admins :
- to browse the web and download at good speed while YOUR server is heavily uploading !
- to receive (dl) at full rate what the users are uploading TO YOUR SERVER, even when your server is uploading (ul) as fast as it can !

And, CarraFix allows clients (the users) :
- to dl faster while they are uploading at their maximum rate.
- to browse the Web and download faster while uploading at their maximum rate !

look at this screenshot :

CarraFix is a donateware written by two french guy : Pat++ and Macsnow. Please contact us at altimac@wanadoo.fr Thanks to OBScarabée and Moa for beta testing and docs.
Thanks to Néo.fr, Xiupe and Uncle Sibbz for graphic design.

To download CarraFix 2.5 FOR 10.2.x ONLY, click here : Carrafix 2.5.dmg

To download CarraFix 2.1 FOR 10.1.x ONLY, click here : Carrafix 2.1_FOR_10.1.x.dmg (take care : CarraFix version beyond the 2.1 will NOT support 10.1, and current release for 10.1 is not fully optimized !)

You can support CarraFix programmers by making a free donation with www.paypal.com (donation email is altimac@wanadoo.fr)
If you have problems with paypal.com, you can contact us for free donations at altimac@wanadoo.fr, it may be easier for french and european people ;-)

Carrafix History :

2.5 : (15/02/03)
- Allow unlimited custom Service/Port creation.
- Fully Customizable BandWidth range.
- Display the service type for each upload and its rate. Can prioritize per Service !
- Allow Download rate control ! Downloads starts are now accelerated !
- Fix display when starting a download (no more "ONE OF YOU UPLOADS" when download).
- Rewritten port and ipfw rules management, behave better under low rules avaibility.
- Few bug/crash fix (in particular when setting log path).
- New icon now that CarraFix is multi services !
- Minor graphic changes to display error in Alert Dialogs.

2.1 :
- New Preferences management (100% Cocoa/XML). More flexible and powerful.
- Display the upload rate per user in KBytes/s. You'll know at what REAL speed do you upload to each user !
- Default Priority works. You can set a default low priority for all guests and a higher one for each account holders !.
- Priority mode now works for clients (don't need "Downloads" log file).
- Fix 2 critical bugs (array overflow) which silently stopped all upload/download !
- New Log File Parser, much faster !
- better code optimization
- CarraFix goes automatically in StandBy Mode when there is no activity (consume virtually 0% CPU then)
- Minor bug and user interface fixes
- Very stable :-)
- NEW (12-dec-02) : Added FULL German and Japanese localization. Minor English interface fix.

2.0beta/2.0/2.0.1 :
- Correctly save Settings at the end of a Session if necessary (sorry).

- New Feature : CarraFix has a Priority Mode where you can manage bandwidth per user ! Your own client uploads are now manageable too !
- Avoid TCP congestions using RED (Random Early Detection) algorithm.
- New ACK packets management for even better downloads priority, even when capping strongly your upload throughput.
- Fix a bug due to Carracho b8 which badly write in it's log file.
- You can have REAL-TIME information on the users : what are their IP adress and since when do they download, all in a unique view.
- The visual gauges are now rightfully flushed. No more full jauges when there is no activity.
- Many bug fixes and optimization : less CPU and RAM are consumed : The final 2.0 version add many other optimizations compared to the beta. On my G4/400, Global Mode use less than 1% of the CPU.
- Smoother discontinuity of the upload/downloads when quitting CarraFix.
- The users listed in the drawer don't disappear anymore and CarraFix keep their priority during the session.
- The ports management has been greatly improved. More ports are offered and their selection is now correctly saved.
- A old and pernicious bug has been fixed. CarraFix now won't quit silently blocking the upload/download.
- Far better compatibility and performance with eDonkey Network.
- new User Interface. You have now better control of the Upload Throughput. You can enter value directly.
- new ReadMe and idea for the future ;-)

1.1.2 :

- the app is now relocatable (AT INSTALLATION ONLY)
- eat far less CPU (now, max is 4%)
- fix the misplaced help window and the "About" Menu problems for English languages.
- fix a possible memory leak
- (finally !) fix the privilege problem when you wanted to delete the app (only admin can now).
- fix bad preferences saving when closing the window
- Compatible with Jaguar :)

1.1 :
- Settings are now saved at the end of a session if you want.
- Fix a bug when changing your connection type, and recompute the default pause between packets.
- More aqua-like error messages (no connection, save error...)
- No more crashs on launch when no active connection is found !
- No more rights problem to remove CarraFix
- More Mac-like menu (About, Help...)
- Code cleaning for public release...

1.0.2 :
- Fix a bug when you have many active interface simultaneously (for example an Airport base connected to a modem). This fix should avoid crash on launch !
- Carrafix doesn't finish its launch when no active connection is found but doesn't crash :-/ .

1.0.1 :
- Essential Bug fix for Firewall users. Should avoid crash on launch !

1.0 :
- Several ports (server types) are possible at the same time ! (You can CarraFix' Carracho AND Hotline together !)
- Theorical Upload throughput indications are now numeric values instead of sharpless "Min", "Default", "Max".
- More settings for High Speed connection type.
- "Other Port" is now enabled when you press Enter.

- Many internal changes and bug fixes

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